My first blog award! I got nominated for Liebster Award!

Update: I got nominated a second time by Mari – see my answers to her questions at the end of this article.

A big thank you to Steffi from Tulip & Lily who decided to nominate me for the „Liebster Award“.

According to her…

„That’s a blogger award, where bloggers nominate little blogs they like. 🙂 If you get nominated you have to answer eleven questions the other blogger asked you (cite the blogger), think of eleven new questions and nominate eleven (new) blogs, with less than 200 followers, you think deserve the award.“

I’m flattered and very happy to answer her questions:

1) Coffee or tea?
I prefer tea, especially in the morning but I do drink coffee with friends and work colleagues.

2) Do you like horror movies? If yes, why?
No, I get really scared even if they are bad ones 😀

3) What was the most distant place you travelled to?
Australia! After I finished school in Austria I decided to explore the other end of the world for a year. I worked and lived in Melbourne for about half a year and the rest of my time there I spend travelling all around the country. One of the best experiences I made so far!

4) Do you have a green thumb?
Not really, but I won’t stop trying 😉 Currently I’m growing a couple of herbs: basil, chives and parsley (my rosemary just died, though 😦 )

5) What is your favourite book?
The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

6) Day or night?
Day, because I like to get things done.

7) Do you have siblings? If yes, how many?
Yes, one younger sister (but she’s actually taller than me).

8) Can you imagine to live in outer space?
Interesting question… Yeah, I actually could imagine that, but I doubt I’ll live long enough to experience it.

9) Did you already make or buy this year’s Christmas presents?
Haha, no… Although I’m generally not a last minute person, Christmas presents always take me ages to collect. I do have some ideas already, though.

10) Did you ever sew something for yourself?
Yes, in school i made a pillow, a stuffed animal. Now I only sew patches onto my heavy metal jacket 😉

11) Do you think about the environment in your daily routine?
Yes, I do. In fact, I started this blog to share some of my DIY and recipe ideas to escape the consumerism of our use-and-throw culture. I try to reduce energy, water and heating on a daily basis. I eat less meat and animal products because of its effect on the environment and on people’s health. Furthermore, I try to use beauty care products with few or no chemicals.


I know that I’m supposed to nominate eleven blogs with under 200 followers, but I only came up with these seven. However, I have actually been following these blogs for some time now and I really like all of them so please check them out!

Blogs I nominate:

An Austrian wife in Japan


Fortune & Cookie

Around the world





And these are the questions I’d love them to answer:

  1. Why did you start blogging?
  2. What does you ideal Sunday look like?
  3. What is your favourite character from a TV show?
  4. Where do you get your inspiration from?
  5. What’s your favourite meal? Breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack?
  6. Have you ever thought about moving to another country? If you are living in a different country from your home country: Why did you decide to move to there?
  7. What do you consider as the biggest success of your blog so far?
  8. When was the last time you were really excited and why?
  9. Look at your browser history: what were the last pages you visited?
  10. Do you plan things ahead or are you a spontaneous person?
  11. What’s your favourite post you have written so far? (with link)


I’m looking forward to reading the answers, feel free to translate them! 🙂

15281_834921549872284_4230239077703013396_n - Version 2


Update: here are Mari’s question for my second nomination:

1. Are you a morning person or a night owl?
Tough question: I really like to go out at night and I’m not a fan of getting up really early. I do like to get up in the morning, though, to be productive during the day!

2. What is your favorite season and why?
Spring. After a cold winter there’s nothing better then the first warm rays of the the sun when springtime begins.

3. If you can chose between time and money, which would you chose?
Time, because you can’t buy it.

4. What do you think is the greatest thing about yourself?
My multiple talents and interests. I have diverse hobbies that allow me to meet different kinds of people, which I think is great!

5. What is your favorite country and where would you like to go to next?
Another tough question… I have travelled to quite a lot of countries already and I already lived in four different countries. All have their pros and cons, but somehow I’m always drawn back to Austria, where I grew up and currently live.

6. Cat person or dog person?

7. What makes you most happy in life?
Having a good time with friends and family, travelling and exploring different cultures, and learning new things.

8. If you could change your past, what would you like to change?
Off the top of my head: nothing.

9. What is your favorite color and why?
Green – because it’s awesome 😀

10. Would you want to be famous?
I would like to be influential, but not necessarily famous.

11. The last compliment you got?
From a shopkeeper in a hat store, that she really liked my hat (which a friend made for me).


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